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What Is JokiFest?
JokiFest originated with Netscape employee Thomas Joki Pixley, who, after cashing in his stock options, required something to blow it all on. Afterwards, he decided to use what was left and rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere, a place where he and his old college and high-school buddies could spend a week relaxing and playing role-playing games.

For reasons that only computer geeks can understand, nearly everyone who participated brought either a laptop, a desktop computer, a Sony Playstation, and in one or two cases, all of the above. Suddenly the participants were locked in all-night marathons of network games such as StarCraft, Age of Empires, and Diablo.

Not a single role-playing game was played.

Ever since that fateful year, JokiFest has become an annual tradition where friends, both old and new, have gathered to relax, laugh, play games, and drink like fish. Oh, and we did have a role-playing session during the second year. Once.


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