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JokiFest Location updated - 09/04/2003
The location for the fall JokiFest has been updated with specific directions. The games page is also updated with the current planned list of games.

Site updated with new features and photos - 06/05/2003
The JokiFest site has a few new sections. There is a new 'Forum' section for random discussion. I'm going to try to reserve the mailing list for more infrequent announcements. There is a new 'Games' section as well into which I'll be adding all of our current games with links to patches and mods that we use. The 'Locations' section has info about JokiFest sites, past and present. There are a bunch of cool shots of the new place in Maine up there. Finally I added a few more photos for JokiFest 3.

JokiFest 6 is scheduled! Dates set for 9/22 to 9/28 - 06/04/2003
After a couple of communication lags I've managed to lock in the dates for JokiFest 6 at the new location in Maine. Details on the new location can be found in the directions page.

JokiFest archives now have photos - 06/04/2003
Actually these photos were posted about a month ago but I didn't update the news page. Check out the Archives section to see photos from various previous JokiFests. I'm looking for more pictures so send an email my way if you have additional photos.

We now have R/C Boats! - 09/03/2002
Okay, so you may not all be as excited as Bill and I about this but we've added R/C boats to the festivities. A number of R/C boats will be racing around the lake this year in contests of skill and sobriety (or lack thereof). Look forward to many hours of five minutes sessions between battery recharging. Boo-yah!

JokiFest 5.0 Date is Set for 9/30-10/6, 2002 - 08/03/2002
After putting off scheduling for far too long I've finalized the JokiFest plans. We'll be returning to the same house in the Berkshires this year. The week has been reserved and we're ready to go. It sounds like a lot of people are talking about taking the whole week this year so we should have a good full house.

JokiFest 4.0 and 4.5 are Successes: Gaming, Booze and No Spew! - 08/03/2002
In the long interim between JokiFest website updates we've returned from JokiFest 4.0, had our second mid-year fest, JokiFest 4.5, in Boston and are getting set for Year 5. So by now we should have concluded the Shadow War and moved onto our crappy plotline. No, that's not true, we're not that lame.

JokiFest Site Returns from Dead - 08/03/2002
After many, many months of downtime the JokiFest site is back! I'll try to keep it updated for at least the next few months including listing who's coming this year and when as I know it.

JokiFest Begins! - 10/8/2001
Well Brad, Biggles, Pete, Gabe and I are all headed up to the house in a few hours. Remember to bring sheets or a sleeping bag. And towels, for that matter. And beer. Lots of beer. I added the house phone number to the directions in case cell phones don't work to reach us. See ya soon.

Web Site Goes Live - 09/26/2001
With just under two weeks to go until JokiFest 4.0, the Official JokiFest Web Site has gone live. Return to this page for future updates about this year's gathering.


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