What Is JokiFest?
All that you need to know is on the About JokiFest page.

What Is The First Rule of JokiFest?
The first rule of Jokifest is that there is ONLY JokiFest. There are no road-trips or outings allowed. When you come to JokiFest, you will EAT, SLEEP, DRINK, AND BREATHE JokiFest.

What Is The Second Rule of JokiFest?
The second rule of Jokifest is that road-trips and outings are allowed if you need to get alcohol or additional computer equipment.

Are There Any Other Rules to JokiFest?
Just have fun. Do what you want to do. And, for God's sake, RELAX.

When is JokiFest?
JokiFest typically ranges from a Monday through a Sunday sometime between late September and the end of October. We generally must vacate the premises on Sunday morning.

In the past only a few of us have stayed at the house throughout the week. The majority of folk have showed up on Thursday and Friday evening to spend the weekend. However, since JokiFest is so cool more and more people are spending the whole week.

What Do I Need To Bring to JokiFest?
Bring a computer or laptop capable of handling the games that you would like to play. In addition, you will typically need to supply a sleeping bag and/or bedsheets and a towel.

Feel free to bring your favorite drinks and a decent supply of food. In general, we usually have what you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Generally, we all eat together for dinner, and we usually have at least one big breakfast.

What Games Are Generally Played At JokiFest?
A mixed bag, to say the least, which varies greatly year to year. Picking the favorite which will dominate the week has been difficult. Past favorites include (to the best of my memory):

  • JokiFest 1, 1998: StarCraft, Diablo
  • JokiFest 2, 1999: Age of Empires, Quake 3
  • JokiFest 3, 2000: Diablo II, Age of Empires 2
  • JokiFest 3.5, 2001: Diablo II, Age of Empires 2
  • JokiFest 4, 2001: Diablo II, Age of Empires 2, Dune, Rollercoaster Tycoon
  • JokiFest 4.5, 2002: Ghost Recon, Allegiance
For JokiFest 5 possibles include: Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, Ghost Recon, Allegiance, and who knows what else.

Who Is This Joki Anyway?
Joki is the middle name of Thomas Joki Pixley, the original organizer of this event.

How Do You Pronounce Joki?
Joki is pronounced as "Yoki".

Who Made These Web Pages?
One of Tom's buddies, Michael D. Hilborn, which is pronounced as "Biggles".


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